2022.11.25. Marumi Kujirai

About Marumi Kujirai
Japanese ceramicist based in Kasama Ibaraki, one of Japan's most renowned areas of traditional pottery. Her work is full of refined detail, not only an overall form, but also the small details such as handles and lids are carefully crafted and finished with warm tone glazes which blend perfectly to the Kasama's local clay.


item : Tsubomi Cup
Inspired from flower bud shape, the rounded shape with a smooth curve gives a natural look and harmonizes with her beautiful calm glaze color.


item : Coffee Set
With beautiful earthy texture and gentle glaze color, the cone-shaped dripper has a short retention time of hot water, and the hot water flows toward one hole, so you can enjoy coffee with a clean taste.


item :Tea Pot
The teapot has a uniquely soft rounded shape, and the iron-rich Kasama clay layered with a gentle-colored glaze to create an exquisite texture and atmosphere.

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