2022.07.11. CLEARMOOD

CLEARMOOD items have arrived from Korea. This is a glass brand from Seoul, South Korea that we will be handling for the first time this time.

“Clear mood”

CLEARMOOD started in 2018 by Soobin Jeon. Originally, I was doing individual exhibitions, but I started the brand because I wanted many people to see my work. While producing in Korea, she is very active in glass production, participating in workshops overseas, including the United States. Through the physical properties of glass, we are developing various works so that transparent and colorful light can be felt close to us in our daily lives.

Schale Plate

item : Schale Plate
At first glance, the shape of the petri dish, which is used for experiments, looks flat, but the bottom is slightly rounded, so it fits comfortably in your hand.

Ring Bowl

item : Ring Bowl
It is a bowl with a form that fits comfortably in your hand and a ring-shaped nuanced color accent. The transparency of the glass material gives it a cool impression, and it can be used not only as a container but also as an interior decoration for various occasions, such as putting accessories in it.


item : Muddler
Our original muddler is characterized by the gentle color of opaque glass and the color scheme of French nails. The cool-looking stirrer that adds a touch of summer is a cute item that can be used not only for making drinks, but also for just propping it up against a glass.

Stud Plate

item : Stud Plate
The gold scattered in the highly transparent clear glass gives a cool impression. The small size allows you to place accessories and enjoy it according to your interior.

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