2022.08.11. Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj items are back in stock from Denmark. We have a lot of nice color items again this time.

Sip cup

Sip Cup ¥3,740
The small ship cup can be used to drink espresso or matcha green tea, or as a small bowl for planting succulents.

Chug Mug

Chug Mug ¥6,160
A colorful mug with a handle is large enough to hold a lot of drinks.

Nomu Cup

Nomu Cup ¥6,160
The tea cup with the theme of "drinking" has a design that is unique to Studio Arhoj, with a high base and a different glaze expression.

Dip Dish

Dip Dish ¥3,300
The dip dish, which is slightly larger than the soy sauce dish, is a useful size that can be used like a small bowl for salsa sauce, seasonings, olives, etc.

Munch Bowl

Munch Bowl ¥6,820
The low-profile Munch Bowl is a vessel that can be used for a variety of purposes with a beautiful contrast between pure white porcelain and bright glaze.

Sun Bowl

Sun Bowl ¥5,720
The Sun Bowl, which has the feel of Japanese tableware, is the size of a small bowl, so it fits comfortably in the hand of a woman.

Spring Bowl

Spring Bowl ¥8,250
The sturdy and large bowl like a rice bowl is a convenient size that you can enjoy from salads to noodles.


Ghost ¥2,750
A constant popular ghost in our store. Made with the concept that everything has a heart, and each one has a different color, it is an item that has many collectors.

All Studio Arhoj items are stamped with the year of manufacture on the back. Many customers purchase it as a gift or as a souvenir, and we hope that you will use it carefully for a long time.

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