2022.08.11. THE POSTER CLUB

THE POSTER CLUB posters have arrived from Denmark.
In addition to the standard popular designs, new works are also available, so please take a look.

Sara Stribrant

Artist: Sara Stribrant
Swedish graphic designer and art director. Having lived in Paris for more than 10 years, she describes her color palette as “French touch” and is greatly influenced by the elegant atmosphere of Paris and the house she spent her childhood in and the surrounding nature.

Rosie McGuinness

Artist: Rosie McGuinness
London-based artist and fashion illustrator. She is well versed in fashion, and not only colors and patterns, but also the shape of the body, how the fabric hangs, and how the pattern wraps around the person.

Jaron Su

Artist : Jaron Su
A Taiwanese artist currently active in the Netherlands. The works that are made by valuing the story and a little twist are all things that can be enjoyed in detail.

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