2022.09.07. MUHAYU

We are now stocking incense stocks from MUHAYU Korea!
MUHAYU is a Korean lifestyle brand that approaches healthy and peaceful state of mind and body, creating time to face yourself. MUHAYU is proposing a time for self-recovery to switch emotions and thoughts, hoping that it will be useful for mental health and healing in the same way as physical health.


MUHAYU's incenses, created with pure fragrances obtained from natural medicinal plants, heal the mind with pleasurable fragrances. Based on wood powder made of sandalwood that relieves tension and anxiety, the incense is scented with natural essential oils that can awaken the healing function, allowing you to restore the balance between body and mind by yourself.


Forest Selection
Scents:Shambhala / Diotima / Mevlido


Floral Selection
Scents:Moonlight / Diana / Coral Blue


Each scent has color to it and you can enjoy visually with your incense holders.


You can try the scent in our Sendagaya Store.

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