2023.01.24. IYÉ

The past few years have renewed our focus on home and how we want to live. Feeling healthy in our environment is paramount and starts with sustainability. With global initiatives such as small-batch producing, recycling and re-using and a more significant push toward using natural ingredients, all IYÉ’s products are made in Japan. Add IYÉ to such a comfortable space where you can listen to your mind and spend time doing only what you like.


Incense sticks are made from the finest ingredients and carefully manufactured one by one in Awaji Island.

Design and Detail

Their simple package boxes are made by recycling paper and other materials from factories and households. It’s a special box that is strong and eco-friendly like a wooden box, you can also use it as a small container for jewelry.

Incense Holder

The carefully hand-polished brass changes its expression over time and reveals the original beauty of the material.

Assorted set contains all 10 incense sticks (1 stick each), so those who wants to find the favorite scent or enjoy all the scents according to the mood of the day, this set is perfect for you.
All items are also available in Sendagaya store.
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