2023.03.27. Casa Celva

We are now stocking beautiful glassware from the British brand "Casa Celva". These colorful glassware were meticulously crafted by artisans on the famous Italian island of Murano, known for its glassmaking. They will add a touch of color to your daily life. Not only perfect for personal use at home but also make a great gift option for someone special.

About Casa Celva
The British interior brand founded by Catherine. She wanted to make a positive impact on the environment by choosing handmade products over mass-produced ones. Her inspiration for creating the brand came from being fascinated by various handmade items she encountered in Latin America and the Mediterranean. While considering the environmental impact, the brand proposes items that add color to the life style.


History of Murano glass
Murano glass, famous for its glassware, is made on the island of Murano in Venice. Its history dates back to 1291 when glass artisans from Venice migrated to the island. At that time, a fire broke out in a glass factory located in the center of Venice, and all glass artisans were relocated to Murano Island for the purpose of fire prevention. In order to preserve the world-renowned glass craftsmanship, Venice later mandated that glass artisans reside on Murano Island and prohibited them from leaving the island without special permission.


The glassware made in the workshops on the famous Murano Island known for its glass, are characterized by their brilliant colors mixed with the "millefiori" . Millefiori is a traditional craft of Murano Island, in which dissolved glass poured into a mold to create a pattern, and then stretched and pulled with rods called "ponte" from end to end. The pattern that appears on the surface, with the millefiori varies in its outcome, giving a unique and special feel to each individual piece.


Add a sprinkling of color to your home with these handmade bud vases. Perfect for decorating seasonal flowers along the dinner table or to add a touch of charm to your mantlepiece or coffee table.


My personal favorite are these tumblers, they are perfect size to drink ice coffee for a small break!
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