2023.04.04 honey flamingo Candles

Introducing Candle brand “Honey Flamingo" from Korea.
Their candle has a unique silhouette and can be a decorative piece on its own. The vibrant and rich scents that evoke the feeling of spring are perfect for this season when new life begins.

About honey flamingo
Honey flamingo is a candle design brand that reinterprets motifs inspired by our everyday lives and turns them into sensual candles.These candles will accompany you in your most valued experiences and will take on a special place in your memories.

Press Candle

item : Press Candle
The pressed candle features a unique silhouette as if it was pressed from the top. By creating a depression in the center, the candle melts slowly. The surface pattern is drawn by hand, making each candle unique and special.

Candle & Holder Set

item : HF 5735 Candle & Holder Set Morning Grass
“Filling your moments with scent for a few hours a day”
The candles are made using vegetable soy wax and premium fragrances to capture the natural scent of nature, providing a relaxing aroma. After using up all the candles, you can permanently use the holder by purchasing refill candles separately. We hope that the moment you light the candle each day becomes a time of complete relaxation.

Single Wick Candle

item : Tube Stick Single Wick Candle
Seven pillars of different lengths were harmoniously arranged to create a unique design candle. The Single Wick candle is designed simply by placing the wick in the center and can burn multiple pillars with a single wick. After some time, lighting the candle will cause the wax to melt and create a new shape for the candle.

Besides the ones introduced, we have more candles available in our Sendagaya store and online.
You can also try out the scents at our Sendagaya store, so please come and take a look if you are in the area.