2023.04.25. Elm Rd. Candles

About Elm Rd.
Elm Rd. fine fragrances are hand-crafted in England with the finest pure essential oils in a formula that is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Their mission is to connect you to an emotion that will soothe your mind, heart and soul through the power of scent. In a world that seems to always be operating at full speed, it is the small things and rituals in life that help us slow down, breathe and feel at peace. Elm Rd. believe that their sense of smell can be integral to our overall wellbeing.


From the pouring of our candles in-house to the assembling of plantable boxes, Elm Rd. places craftsmanship, design and quality at the heart of every step of the creation process. Every Elm Rd. piece is 100% artisan, kind and sustainable, both inside and out.


Mini Scented Candle are available in 5 scents and you can try all scents in our Sendagaya Store.