2023.06.09. Doyedang(陶芸堂)

We are happy to announce the new collection from the Korean ceramic studio 'Doyedang,' is now available at both our Sendagaya store and online.


"Buncheong" is inspired by the powdered blue-green ceramicware originated in the mid-14th century during the Goryeo dynasty. The Buncheong ceramics were derived from the inlaid celadon of late Goryeo and are characterized by their simple and unadorned rusticity, which were produced until the mid-16th century. The vessel created through trial and error in adjusting the clay composition and glazes to match the modern taste, while incorporating such deeply-rooted traditional techniques, exudes an overwhelming beauty.


One of the prominent features of the Buncheong series is its unique presence that goes beyond the concept of tableware, characterized by deliberately preserving a rough texture of the clay, resulting in a tasteful and distinctive appearance.


These white glazes are made using the same technique as Japan's "kohiki" pottery. The charming soft and mellow white appearance, which can only be achieved by understanding the qualities of the clay, is what makes them attractive.


While possessing a calm impression reminiscent of traditional Japanese tableware, the bold design of the rim creates space in the vessel, enhancing the presentation of the cuisine. The inside of the vessel is coated with a thick glaze that spreads smoothly, creating an intriguing appearance similar to a mysterious black hole.


A plate where a perfect balance is achieved between matte and glossy finishes. Just thinking about how to arrange any dish on it warms the heart, making it a truly delightful piece.


In addition to tableware, the Sendagaya store also features plants potted in doyedang's plant pots.

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