2023.02.02. Atelier Epiney

Introducing new tableware from 'atelier epiney' by French ceramic artist Leonardo Rousseau. The tableware, which expresses exquisite colors and textures, has a beautiful contrast and is sure to make any dish look fantastic.

About atelier epiney
Leonardo Rousseau is a French ceramist currently living in Brussels. After various artistic and manual experiences, he started focusing on ceramic work in 2017 and studied all techniques at ATC in Paris. His work is characterized by clean forms with natural tones. Simple and delicate tableware that can be use in everyday life’s rituals and would last for a long time.


At the studio in Brussels, Belgium where his beloved dog Bonito watches over the production, a line of crafted vessels are displayed in a row.

Frozen White

Frozen White is a pottery style with a beautiful grey soil expression and exquisite white glaze that resembles the snow that has started to accumulate on the ground.


By layering the same shade of grey on top of grey stoneware, Slate Color creates a special feeling within its simplicity. The thickness of the glaze gives each piece a unique expression, with some being slightly cloudy and others glossy, making it a beautiful characteristic of this pottery.


Sage has a warm, beige color with a hint of yellow and green mixed in, and the natural expression of the soil that comes out at the edges serves as an accent.


Please enjoy the natural texture of the soil and the glaze that maximizes its rustic feel.

You can see full lineup from here.