2023.04.18. Sulo Puzzles

Introducing art puzzle brand “Sulo” from France.
When Stay Home began due to COVID-19, I found myself getting anxious about things I didn't need to worry about, while spending all my time at home watching TV or staring at my phone. During that time, I started to make puzzles and tried to complete them so I feel less anxious. Searching for puzzle pieces without thinking about anything and the refreshing feeling when completing them gave me a sensation that I had rarely experienced as an adult, and I became captivated by puzzles more and more. We are finally getting back to normal life but puzzles are a tool that I highly recommend as a way to reset minds and feelings.

About Sulo
Sulo is a puzzle brand that started by French Owner Jb in 2020. Collaborating with artists of various styles and aesthetics, their puzzles have high artistic value that even adults can enjoy, and are made using materials produced in a sustainable manner that considers environmental issues.

The race

The race created by Adrien Yeung for Sulo Story. Sulo Story is a unique format combining puzzle and comic. On the boxes, the bubbles are empty, but don't worry, the texts appear on the puzzle pieces so the story only reveals itself once the puzzle is assembled!


Kasumiga Ike created by Clement Thoby. This is a view of Kasumiga Pond in Kenrokuen in Kanazawa, in the north-central part of Japan.


Twilight created by Beya Rebai. Portraying a moment suspended between day and night in Sweden, when the senses are sharpened to feel one last time, before darkness. Everything then appears magical, every leaf, every flower, every branch, then all the blended, green and pink shades combined.

Besides those puzzles, we have 7 more puzzles available in both Sendagaya store and Online.