2023.05.04. Normal Object Factory

Normal Object Factory / Design and craft studio from Gustavsberg, Sweden

About Normal Object Factory
Normal Object Factory was founded in 2017 by Taiwanese glass maker Liu Chien-Kuang and Swedish ceramist Alexandra Nilasdotter. They are Stockholm based design and craft studio with a focus on high-quality craft with inspiration from Swedish and Taiwanese design and craft traditions. Through traditional techniques, Normal Object Factory creates contemporary functional objects that meet the needs of the modern human.


The dotted glasses are mouth-blown by the Normal Object Factory glass studio in Gustavsberg, Sweden. They are super thin and lightweight which requires skilled mouth-blown technique.


Every dot is placed by hand on the clear glass body and merges with the liquid hot glass before being blown by mouth into the wooden mould, with the molten glass spinning and inflating from the liquid state to the final form.


Sesam Bowls are designed for serving everything from starter to dessert. The curved rim is for good contact with lips, and the short stand gives an elevation for the food to enjoy. 


Perfect size to enjoy Japanese shaved ice or serving some fruits after meal.

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