JISEUNGMIN CERAMICS -Visiting their studio-

We will introduce the Korean ceramic brand 'JISEUNGMIN CERAMICS' scheduled for release on November 4th (Friday). This time, we will provide an introduction to their studio that we visited this spring.

Their studio is located in the city of Yongin, which is in the central part of Gyeonggi-do. It is situated approximately 40 km south of Seoul and is a popular destination for foreign tourists and school field trips from various parts of Korea each year, thanks in part to the presence of the Korean Folk Village. While it is a tourist spot, just a short distance away, the surroundings become peaceful, and the studio is set in a large and impressive space surrounded by nature.




Owner Seungmin, though modestly apologetic, spoke about the studio's tidiness. Yet, from the remarkably well-organized and orderly studio, one could keenly feel the love and meticulous attention they pour into their creations. The sense of comfort and beauty that radiates from their vessels and flower vases reflects the profound influence of their daily environment and habits on their work.


In the Hannam-dong district of Seoul, you can find a showroom where their works are on display. Hannam-dong is known for its numerous foreign embassies and has become a popular area in recent years with its abundance of cafes and concept shops. It offers a unique sense of tranquility compared to other tourist destinations, making it a place that's definitely worth a visit if you have the opportunity.