2023.02.14. THE POSTER CLUB

We have more posters from THE POSTER CLUB.
In addition to the standard popular designs, new works are also available. Please take a look at each posters and find your favorite!

Artist : Isabelle Vandeplassche
Drawing inspiration from the sunny side of everyday life, the Belgian-born artist Isabelle Vandeplassche, combines colors in a way that creates an almost analogue atmosphere.

Bertel Bjerre

Artist : Bertel Bjerre
Situated in North Zealand with a view of the ever-changing sea, Bjerre takes inspiration from his daily surroundings and gives them a simplified and straightforward expression.

Marina Garcia Fernandez

Artist : Marina Garcia Fernandez
Growing up, Marina Garcia’s father owned a printing company and used to bring literal kilos of draft pieces of paper home for her to draw on. She found and still finds inspiration in the small daily details such as ceramics, a conversation, and fragments of books — but especially some of her greater passions like gastronomy and nature.

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