Yusuke Uchida Rim Plate Purple Frost

Glass plate by Yusuke Uchida. His plates are simple but elegant. The surface has a nice glossy texture while the back has a frosted finish and since each piece is handcrafted, slight color variations make them extra special. 
Material : Glass
Size : 19×1.5cm
Origin : Japan
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher×/Oven×
Gift : Box◯/Bag◯/Paper Bag◯ (Details)
・This item is handmade, so each piece will be unique and may not look exactly as pictured. We believe slight variations make them all the more special.
・Please make sure to place them safely and avoid temperature shocks.
Yusuke Uchida is a glass artist in Toyama; the city of glass. After completing the master's degree at the Kurashiki University, he spent few years working as an assistant at a glass studio and in 2017, he decided to work on his own. Sunrise was inspired by the color of the sky before dawn and it features beautiful two-layered gradation colors that are created by his technique of blowing.