Kwon Jaewoo Platter 34cm Light Gray

Handmade tableware by Korean potter Kwon Jaewoo. The unique and warm colors expressed by his original glaze have a unique charm while having a calm atmosphere like Japanese tableware. The large tableware with a strong presence has a calm atmosphere like Japanese tableware, so it fits nicely on the dining table.
Material: Pottery Size: Diameter 34 x Height 5cm
Country of Origin: South Korea Usability: Microwave x/Dishwasher x/Oven x
Gift: Box x/Bag x/Simple wrapping x ( details )
・Because it is handmade, there may be individual differences in size, shape, glaze application, and color.
・In order to prevent food from staining, we recommend that you use it after wetting it with water before use.
A ceramic artist based in Seoul. The bright red glaze, which is said to be difficult to color in the world of pottery, and the leopard-like patterns have an atmosphere and charm that cannot be created by mass production with machines. Carefully crafted on the potter's wheel with the harmony of shape, color, and glaze changes, it is both beautiful and functional.