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Sophie Moran Bowl #03

Tableware by Sophie Moran. She creates texture by mixing locally sourced stoneware clay with iron-rich soil. The beautiful patterns unique to her work are completed by drawing patterns with matte glaze, lightly scraping off the glaze to create lines, and then firing. The sharp lines drawn on the layered colors, created by the melting glaze, provide depth and act as an accent, making the pieces attractive even from a distance.
Material : Stoneware
Size : 15.5×5.5cm
Origin: Australia
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher×/Oven×
Sophie Moran, a ceramic artist based in Australia, initially studied humanities during her student years. While exploring different approaches to understanding human connections and her own philosophy, she encountered ceramics and was drawn to its depth. She continues to deepen her understanding of herself through the process of creating functional yet expressive everyday items that blend practical and sensory aspects.