ACCA KAPPA Hand Cream White Moss

Acca Kappa's best selling white moss hand cream boasts excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties. The formulation contains active ingredients that help improve elasticity and maintain the soft velvety skin. Each application leaves hands hydrated, supple and gently fragranced. The 75ml size is perfect for your handbag or car console.
Size : 6×11cm (75ml)
Origin : Italy
Gift : Box◯/Bag◯/Paper Bag◯ (Details)
・Apply to your hand. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Acca Kappa is a family company that has become an industrial corporation while remaining faithful timeless values. A love for nature, respect for the human body and production that is exclusively made in Italy. Four generations of craftsmen and an absolute passion for simplicity and authentic beauty that can be seen in every item produced and in every tiny detail.