SAIL Versatile Self Oil 7ml New Day

This is a multi-functional self-care styling oil that can be used for nails, hands, hair. Thoroughly pay attention to the quality of each essential oil, and four types of scents are designed to have a deep scent that will make you want to smell again. The 7ml size is easy to enjoy while traveling.
《New Day》
When you want to start the day with good mood. Blended with refreshing citrus essential oils, the exhilarating harmony of citrus will make you feel positive.
Size:1.5×9cm (7ml)
Material : Argane oil、Jojoba oil、Macadamia nuts etc...
Origin : Japan
Gift : Box◯/Bag◯/Paper Bag◯ (Details)
・Discontinue if irritation occurs.
SAIL was born with the aim of creating a product that allows you to self-care your body and mind according to your condition. Carefully selected natural, high-quality materials and specially designed fragrances always lead you to a comfortable state.