ROYAL-PHOENIX of the seas Cabin Face Towel Camel

The cabin towel from ROYAL-PHOENIX of the seas. The long pile and high-density weave provide nice softness and luxurious volume. The hem design is inspired by an anchor rope and color symbolizes the richness of Imabari. Their voluminous towels make bath time more luxurious but also feel cozy at home or any other occasions.
Material : 100% Cotton
Size : 34×90cm
Origin : Japan
Care : Tumble dry◯/Bleach×/Iron×
・Prior to first-time use, wash towels with similar colors in plenty of water to avoid fading and shedding lint onto other laundry articles. Using mild detergents and avoiding chlorine bleach and brightening agents will help protect towel fibers from damage.
・Please avoid fabric softeners as chemicals contained in many fabric softeners weaken towel fibers.
ROYAL-PHOENIX of the seas was launched in Imabari, Ehime in 2018. Imabari, Ehime has been a center of Japanese towel industry for over 120 years, and with high-level quality, “Imabari towel” has become most well known towel in Japan. Imabari is also a capital of maritime business and that’s ROYAL-PHOENIX of the seas was inspired. Their original towels were produced with yarn washed with soft water from Sojagawa river which allows delicate and bright colors while bringing out the natural softness of the cotton used.