Zambezi River by Michael Rygaard (50×40cm)

¥15,400 ¥12,320
High quality Giclee art print exclusively created by Michael Rygaard for ALIUM. Michael Rygaard is Copenhagen-based photographer primarily working with fashion and interior photography. Born in 1987 in Copenhagen, but growing up in Zambia with a father working as a jeweler and a mom working as an interior decorator, Michael literally grew up in a world of aesthetics and beauty. Each year Michael travels to ‘The river’ as he calls the Zambezi River and stays a couple of weeks in total isolation – of course bringing along his camera.
Material : Giclee printed on 265g cotton art paper
Origin : Denmark
Gift Wrapping Service : Unavailable
・Frame is not included.
・Packed and shipped in a protective tube.
・The image used may differ from the actual size and layout.
ALIUM occupies the intersection of interior design and art, seamlessly blending these realms to inspire their visitors at the Frederiksberg Gallery in Copenhagen. Their identity draws from their Danish and Scandinavian heritage, emphasizing natural materials, minimalist aesthetics, and exquisite craftsmanship. The gallery features a curated rotation of artworks and objects while serving as a hub for inspiration, exhibitions, and innovative events.