2023.07.07. Positiv.

Introducing the product brand "Positiv." from Seoul, South Korea. We have not only added their new aluminum collection but also prepared GENERAL FURNISHINGS & CO.×Positiv. collaboration items that many of you have been waiting for restocks.

About Positiv.
Positiv. Is dedicated to exploring the inherent beauty of materials and awakening the hidden beauty of their textures and shapes through the filter of design. It is at the core of Positiv. to seek out imperfections and discover the essence of charm, aiming to create moments that evoke a certain feeling.

Oya Stone

GENERAL FURNISHINGS & CO.×Positiv. Incense Holder Oya Stone

The incense holder, which combines glass and stone, is one of their main items and has been specially crafted using Japanese stone. This one is made with "Oya Stone," which is mined in the Oya-cho area in the northwestern part of Tochigi, Japan. Freshly quarried Oya Stone has a strong bluish hue, but as it dries over time, it gradually changes its expression to a brownish color. Please enjoy the gentle aging process and transformation of the Oya Stone.

Towada Stone

GENERAL FURNISHINGS & CO.×Positiv. Incense Holder Towada Stone

This piece is made using Towada Stone, which is extracted in Hinaicho, Odate City in Akita, Japan. The captivating and beautiful colors are expressed as a serene blue. It is characterized by a blue-green pattern on a pale blue-white ground, which was created when the iron and other metals contained in the natural stone were trapped in volcanic ash without oxidizing.

Incense Holder 003

Positiv. Incense Holder 003

The form, inspired by the spread of spider webs on branches, harmoniously combines the hardness of aluminum with the softness of white oak. Each time you view it from a different angle, it provides a new sense of awe. The subtle texture of the white oak, without being overly assertive, blends well with various interiors. Please feel free to place it in your favorite space within your home.

Positiv. Web Coaster

Positiv. Web Coaster

 The unconventional combination of curves and straight lines creates a fresh sensation when viewed from different angles. The anodized aluminum, lightweight and hygienic, is perfect for everyday use.

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