GF&CO. Liquid Perfume Soap

Introducing the debut of our Original Liquid Perfume Soap.
Crafted for daily hand washing and body care, this soap boasts a captivating woody amber scent that accentuates the allure of patchouli, paired with a luxuriously thick texture. Beyond its enchanting fragrance, it is enriched with meticulously chosen ingredients known for their moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties, promising a daily dose of joy for both body and mind. Packaged in eco-conscious plastic bottles, it seamlessly integrates into any washroom or bathroom space with its elegantly simple design.


Enjoy the Charm of Patchouli with Woody Amber Scent

The Woody Amber scent, which faintly feels the sweetness of vanilla and tonka beans based on patchouli, is characteristic. The aldehyde of the top note further enhances the deep, sweet scent of patchouli and guaiac wood, creating a fascinating scent with depth and warmth. The spicy and refreshing scent of amber and cedarwood gently drifts in the end, allowing you to enjoy a natural scent that blends with your skin like perfume after washing. The thick texture has good stretchability, and the creamy foam gently envelops your body and hands, allowing you to feel a moisturized sensation and smooth, well-maintained skin after rinsing.


Three carefully selected ingredients with moisturizing and skin conditioning effects to look forward to

1.Beauty moisturizing component: Field scabious extract
Extracted from rare field scabious, it helps maintain smooth and moisturized skin by adjusting the condition of the skin, which tends to fluctuate, and preventing dryness.

2.Organic bilberry leaf extract with excellent skin conditioning effect
Supports collagen and elastin in the skin, preventing dullness caused by dryness. It also has the effect of preventing skin roughness while maintaining moisture and elasticity.

3.Skin roughness prevention component: Glycyrrhizinic acid 2K
It is used in medical care for acute and chronic skin inflammation because it has a skin roughness prevention effect with minimal irritation to the skin. It also works on sebum, leading to a refreshing skin.


Please try GF&CO. Original Liquid Soap, which has a scent that makes you feel happy every time you use it, with ingredients that are gentle on your skin.


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