Marine Feuillerat

Summer 2020
Around the time when our lives changed drastically due to COVID-19, we started to stock works from Marine Feuillerat.
Since then, she has gradually filled our time at home with beautiful vessels through her orders.


Until the last order, her ceramics were made in France, but now her activities have moved to the Netherlands. The canals flowing leisurely through the city, expansive farmland stretching endlessly, and the sunset sinking into the horizon. The visible scenery and the atmospheric feeling in the air that Marine experiences in the Netherlands seem to be reflected in her new works.


Her works, reminiscent of beautiful landscapes, delicately layered with glazes. We talked to her about her abundant creativity. We introduce her beautiful photos of the Dutch scenery that she sent along.


She loves making objects for daily life. Particularly drawn to the freedom and infinite creativity inherent in clay, she began pottery. Her craftsmanship, designed for everyday use, is truly practical. The mugs we ordered this time reflect her thoughtfulness in terms of capacity and ease of handling.


Larger than regular mugs, perfect for leisurely enjoying coffee or tea while watching a long movie or chatting with friends.


The rich colors born from the changes in glaze reflect the natural activities and landscapes surrounding her daily life. Developed mainly by mixing three different raw materials, the glaze undergoes multiple test pieces with each composition change to create flawless glazes. Her endless creativity adds other materials further to complete the beautiful glaze landscape. Her favorite is the "sunset" glaze, expressing the ever-changing colors of the sunset sky, where light shifts moment by moment and blends softly. Just like the evening sky changing every day and every second, even with the same glaze, each firing produces a unique result, bringing her surprise and joy. Developed about six years ago, this glaze might also be gradually changing its colors as she moved from France to the Netherlands, encountering new sunset hues.


『when we want we can and when we can we must do it !』

When asked for a message to Japan, she left us with the famous words of the ceramicist Lucie Rie. It seems to perfectly embody her way of life. Through her works, words, and photos, we catch a glimpse of her creative life. Marine Feuillerat's vessels, fitting into our daily lives, promise to enrich our time of use. We look forward to them becoming part of everyone's daily routine.

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