yenyu, a ceramic artist from Taiwan, has relocated to Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, known as the hottest city in Japan and a hub for pottery. Her creations are enchanting, with glazes that blend deeply in layers and soft, melting contours that express natural landscapes.


Inspired by the ever-changing skies and intricate cloud movements of her home town Taiwan, which she became more aware of after coming to Japan, she has developed her current style. Her works also reflect the beautiful landscapes she encountered while visiting scenic spots in Japan.



You can feel the beautiful changes in nature, the stillness, and the movement in her works.


We recently visited her studio. Here, we share the crafting environment and the stories we heard from her.


Under the clear blue skies of Tajimi, we visited a shared atelier where yenyu and other young artists work. The atmosphere was immediately striking, with an old building filled with the breath of artisans and an exciting workspace.


Inside the studio, each artist has their own space, with medium-sized electric kilns lining the corridors. In the kilns, there were pieces at the bisque firing stage.


The process from shaping, drying, bisque firing, glazing, to the final firing takes time, transforming the clay into a finished piece. Observing these steps, usually hidden from view, makes us appreciate the effort behind each creation and use them with greater affection.


yenyu's pieces are known for their beautiful glazes. She uses around eight different glazes, and by combining these with different types of clay and firing methods, she creates a variety of colors. However, the color changes during firing cannot be fully controlled, adding both difficulty and excitement to the process.


She discovered pottery during a class she took while on a working holiday in Japan. The joy of shaping clay with her hands led her to pursue pottery with curiosity and determination. She studied ceramics at the Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute and chose to continue her work in Tajimi afterward. When asked if she had any doubts about her decision, she smiled and said she always tries what she wants to do first. Tajimi offers high-quality clay and a supportive community of artists, making it an ideal environment for her work.


The beautiful landscapes she expresses in her pottery
convey both a delicate and powerful essence of nature.
Her works are a testament to the transient yet strong spirit of nature.

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