Color Block Line Flat Cup & Saucer Blush

Stoneware Cup & Saucer by FABRIK POTTERY, reproduced by the Korean vintage shop “wavelet” in Seoul. FABRIK POTTERY was a popular ceramic brand in 1970s US, based in Seattle. While faithfully recreating the designs of that era, these cups and saucers have been meticulously studied to harmonize with modern interiors. They prioritize practicality and have been improved in terms of handle design and thickness during manufacturing.
Material : Stoneware
Cup size : 13×7cm
Saucer size : 16.5×2.5cm
Origin : Korea
Use : Microwave◯/Dishwasher◯/Oven×
FABRIK POTTERY, founded by Jim McBride in 1970s Seattle, thrived during a decade of industrial diversification. However, financial challenges led to its closure in the 1980s. Known for its thick cast pottery, it was popular back then, and its durable design remains popular as a vintage item, even after 40 years.