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Eva Kengen Cup Ash

Stoneware Cup by Eva Kengen. The rustic sensation of the clay, which can be felt at your fingertips when you hold it, is pleasing, and you can enjoy the expressions that occur by chance with just a single stroke of oak ash glaze. It's a piece that resembles the beautiful nature of Belgium.
Material : Stoneware
Size : 9×8cm
Origin : Belgium
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher◯/Oven×
・This item is handmade, so each piece will be unique and may not look exactly as pictured. We believe slight variations in color and size make them all the more special.
・Dishwasher on a mild / low heat is safe, but hand washing suggested.
Eva Kengen, a female ceramic artist, finds her creative muse in the idyllic Ardennes region of southeastern Belgium, celebrated for its pristine streams and lush forests. With each piece of pottery spun on the wheel, Eva's work captures the essence of nature, drawing inspiration from the forest's beauty, tree bark textures, rocky landscapes, and the coexisting moss.