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asamono Platter Brown

Stoneware Bowl from the ceramic brand "asamono" by Asami Hatanaka, a Japanese ceramic artist based in LA. As she crafts pottery using both the potter's wheel and handbuilding, she continuously experiments with new glaze recipes. Her pieces radiate a Western vibe and originality while seamlessly integrating her Japanese cultural background. This large and distinctive platter can be enjoyed as an interior piece simply by placing it on a bookshelf or coffee table.
Material : Stoneware
Size : 25.5×3.5cm
Origin : USA
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher×/Oven×
・This item is handmade, so each piece will be unique and may not look exactly as pictured. We believe slight variations in color and size make them all the more special.
asamono is a collection of functional and decorative ceramics handcrafted by Asami Hatanaka in her home studio in Los Angeles. She draws inspiration from traditional Asian techniques, as well as Japanese aesthetics, to create simple yet rustic pieces for the modern home. Her primary focus is to incorporate elements of Japanese culture into her work, conveying her cultural background through shapes, glazes, and techniques. In addition to wheel throwing and handbuilding, she also dedicates time to testing and experimenting with new glazes in her studio.