GF&CO. Rim Glass

GENERAL FURNISHINGS & CO. Original Drinkware
Rim series has been our signature tableware since brand started in 2016. Rim glass is made with a super thin glass which allows you to enjoy the delicate taste of the beverage, with minimal interference. You’ll be surprised how light it is.
Material : Glass
Size : 8×9cm (300ml)
Origin : Japan
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher×/Oven×
Gift : Box◯/Bag◯/Paper Bag◯ (Details)
・This item is handmade, so each piece will be unique and may not look exactly as pictured. We believe slight variations in color and size make them all the more special.
・Dishwasher on a mild / low heat is safe, but hand washing suggested.
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