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Greeting Card Grateful For You #17 Sand

Simply designed greeting cards from Jaymes Paper in Los Angeles, USA. The neutral tone and simple font are all designed by the founder, Jaymee, herself. The letterpress, which is also a highlight of the cards is pressed one by one using a Heidelberg Windmill press machine that has been in use since the early 1900s, utilizing classic printing techniques.
Material : Paper
Size : Card 10.5×14cm / Envelope 11×14.5cm
Origin : USA
Jaymes Paper was born from a deep passion for paper and design. You can find greeting cards in supermarkets and various other places in US. However, there are surprisingly few options with simple and stylish designs that can be used regardless of gender. Therefore, Jaymee had been giving handmade cards to her family and friends for a while. In the digital age where instant communication is dominant, we hope that by deliberately sending cards, we can provide a tool for families, lovers, and friends to remember each other's important events for a long time.