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Positiv. Web Coaster

The Web Coaster, the first item in the metal collection from Korean design studio "Positiv.", is inspired by the natural shape of a spiderweb spreading across branches. The unconventional combination of curves and straight lines creates a fresh sensation when viewed from different angles. With its anodized aluminum finish, it is lightweight and hygienic, making it ideal for everyday use.
Material : Aluminum
Size : W13×H0.1cm
Origin : Korea
・Please note that since it is finished by hand, there may be fine lines on the surface.
・Avoid using steel scrubbers, cleansers, or other items that are prone to scratching.
・Please be aware that the bottom of glasses or dishes may cause scratches on the surface.
・Keep out of reach of children.
Positiv. design begins with explorations of a material and its own pure beauty. They highlight the natural shape of the materials created with their different surroundings and distinct characteristics. The unique textures of wood holding its history inside, unpredictable shapes of stones that embrace the narratives of nature, and surface of the glass gleaming in the sunlight. With Positiv. celebrate imperfections and discover the beauty in its purest forms.