SAIL Versatile Self Oil 16ml Love Thyself

This is a multi-functional self-care styling oil that can be used for nails, hands, hair. Thoroughly pay attention to the quality of each essential oil, and four types of scents are designed to have a deep scent that will make you want to smell again. Apply it before bed or during relaxing time, or mixed with body cream or hand cream for a pleasant scent.
《Love Thyself》
When you feel frustration, a blend of ylang-ylang and geranium, centered on neroli, a symbol of beauty, and rose. Reach out to your wavering heart and give yourself confidence.
Size:2.7×9.5cm (16ml)
Material : Argane oil、Jojoba oil、Macadamia nuts etc...
Origin : Japan
・Discontinue if irritation occurs.
SAIL was born with the aim of creating a product that allows you to self-care your body and mind according to your condition. Carefully selected natural, high-quality materials and specially designed fragrances always lead you to a comfortable state.