MUHAYU Incense Sticks Diotima

MUHAYU incense sticks, created with wood powder of sandalwood scented with pure fragrances from natural medicinal plants helps you to heal your mind peacefully and calmly.

Inspired by Diotima: the Greek priestess who left a beautiful myth about the origin of love in the Symposium of Plato, the incense is scented with pieces that remind you of spiritual wisdom. Diotima, created with floral and woody fragrances to awaken your divine senses, spreads the sacred scent of a mixture of fresh and rich bergamot and the dark woody fragrance.
Material : Wood powder, Natural essential oils
Size : 14cm (30g)
Origin : Korea
Burn time : Up to 20minutes
・The product is made from natural ingredients, and delicately brittle than typical incense sticks.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Preserving the incense in humid moist areas for a long time may cause mold growth. Recommended to open the storage or box once in a while for ventilation.
MUHAYU is a Korean lifestyle brand that approaches healthy and peaceful state of mind and body, creating time to face yourself. MUHAYU is proposing a time for self-recovery to switch emotions and thoughts, hoping that it will be useful for mental health and healing in the same way as physical health.