IYÉ Incense No.004 Somei-yoshino

Incense stick by Japanese Sustainability Brand 『IYÉ』. Each piece is made from the finest ingredients and carefully manufactured one by one in Awaji Island.
A gentle and gentle scent reminiscent of cherry blossoms, which have been loved in Japan since ancient times. It evokes the image of a new beginning in spring.
Size : 14cm (12g) About 50pieces
Origin : Japan
Burn time : Up to 15 minutes
・The product is made from natural ingredients, and delicately brittle than typical incense sticks.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Preserving the incense in humid moist areas for a long time may cause mold growth. Recommended to open the storage or box once in a while for ventilation.
Sustainability within oneself, so to speak, focusing on the mind and body of the individual. We need to face our inner selves again, know ourselves, acknowledge ourselves, and pursue comfort. IYÉ believes that if we can go beyond that and care for our precious family and friends, society, and the environment that surrounds us in our daily lives, it will lead to small but significant sustainability.
We hope that IYÉ will be a source of strength for you.