Mazha Stool Cream+Persimmon

AMASS Studio × TANCHEN Studio
"Mazha" means portable folding stool in Chinese. It was inspired by the sight of elderly people gathering on the streets of Shanghai, enjoying conversations while sitting on folding stools. With a compact and convenient design for portability, this stool can be placed indoors, in parks, on grounds, or beaches. It is constructed with an aluminum frame and a seat pad handwoven with nylon ribbons and ropes. (Note: Due to the structure, the screws at both ends may loosen over prolonged or frequent use. In such cases, please tighten the screws properly before using again.)
Material : Aluminium/Nylon cord
Size : 30×35×35cm
Origin : China
・Please do not use for purposes other than sitting. Also, do not use in places with steps or steep slopes, or in unstable environments with significant inclines.
・When assembling or folding, please be careful not to pinch your fingers or hands in the gaps.
・Do not use damaged or deformed products.
・If children are using it, please make sure they are under adult supervision at all times.
TANCHEN Studio, founded by Sanchia Tan and Amber Chen, focuses on textiles and approaches from the exploration of new materials and their textures. By setting up studios in Singapore and Shanghai, places where cutting-edge ideas converge in Asia, they create functional textiles that fulfill living spaces as independent artistic elements. They confront the possibilities of materials, craftsmanship, and technology, embodying a sincere approach to creating modern brands originating from Asia.