Cica Gomez Flower Vase Blue

Flower vase by French ceramic artist Cica Gomez. The glaze that oxidizes the metallic substance after firing brings a unique change of appearance.
Material : Porcelain
Size : 10×21cm
Origin : France
Gift : Box×/Bag×/Paper Bag◯ (Details)
・This item is handmade, so each piece will be unique and may not look exactly as pictured. We believe slight variations make them all the more special.
Ceramic artist based in Lyon, France. A passion that Cica inherited from her parents, both specialized in the applied arts. Her journey into ceramics began with the creation of small containers and soon started to experiment with a range of colors and playing with the diversity of metal oxides to create her own glazes. As you can see from her works, she focuses on shapes and lines which make her work very special and harmonious.