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honey flamingo Tube Knot Candle 2 Gray Dot (Jasmine)

The design of Tube Knot Candle is based on a knot made by tying two plump tubes together. It is a stylish decoration even when just placed as it is.
Clean fragrance that combines the airy scent of jasmine fluttering in the wind and a powdery scent.
Size : 11×12cm (510g)
Origin : Korea
Ingredients : Vegetable soy wax, Essential oils, Cotton wick
Burn Time : Up to 10 hours
・The long wick is part of the design. When using it, please trim the wick to about 0.5cm.
・Please make sure to use a dish to catch any dripping wax.
・Due to the characteristics of the product, the surface may turn white over time.
・Keep out of reach of children.
Honey flamingo is a candle design brand that reinterprets motifs inspired by our everyday lives and turns them into sensual candles. These candles will accompany you in your most valued experiences and will take on a special place in your memories.