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Boogie Bougie Candle Damask Rose & Oud

Fragrance candle by Boogie Bougie.
《Damask Rose & Oud》
The top notes luxuriously spread the rich scents of peony and damask rose. The heart notes add elegance to the fragrance layers with clove, amber, and milk. The base notes bring deep tranquility with vanilla, praline, and agarwood, delivering a heavenly, sweet, and blissful aroma.
Capacity : 250g
Size : 7.5 × 8cm
Origin : Belgium
Ingredients : Soy wax
Burn time : 50-60 hours (may vary depending on usage conditions)
・Please cut the burnt wick after use.
Boogie Bougie is a project born from a love of fragrance and the soothing nature of lighting candles. It aims to transform any space into a relaxing home-like environment. Each candle is handmade in an atelier in Antwerp, blending scents that evoke walking in the woods, a long day at the beach, blooming flowers in spring, or the richness of foreign lands.