The Empathist Hole Calendar

Stand-type manual calendar by “THE EMPATHIST”. The circular window in the center indicates the month and day, and by turning the two disks inside, you can set the date. The beautiful design features a matte finish with a brushed texture as a highlight.
Material : Aluminum / Stainless
Size : 12.5×6cm
Origin : Korea
・Pinholes appear during the casting process and natural scratches occur during cleaning.
The Empathist is a Seoul-based object studio exploring the relation between the material and conceptual, and actualizing potential elements through intuition. By contradicting the essence of objects, we focus on imbuing them with inherent significance. Through this process, objects enter a conceptual space and form a tangible relationship with objects and things or the ego.The Empathist, based on minimalism, seeks to find ways of expression within gradual evolution.