Positiv. Incense Holder Oya Stone

In order to make the most of the originality of material, we chose two Japanese stones as a collaboration. Oya Stone has been used for the architecture in Japan for a long time and it has a nice rough texture with blue tint, but as it dries up, it gradually turns brownish.
Material : Oya Stone / Glass
Glass Plate Size : W11×H0.5cm
Origin : Japan / Korea
・This item is handmade, so size and shape may differ slightly.
・Keep out of reach of children.
Positiv. design begins with explorations of a material and its own pure beauty. They highlight the natural shape of the materials created with their different surroundings and distinct characteristics. The unique textures of wood holding its history inside, unpredictable shapes of stones that embrace the narratives of nature, and surface of the glass gleaming in the sunlight. With Positiv. celebrate imperfections and discover the beauty in its purest forms.