Positiv. Incense Holder 003

Incense Holder 003 from Korean design studio “Positiv.”, a captivating piece inspired by the organic form of a spiderweb nestled among branches. Its design showcases an intriguing fusion between the distinct, unconventional shape of aluminum and the gracefully streamlined white oak wood, evoking a fresh sensation with every angle observed. This exquisite creation embraces the contrasting qualities of aluminum's coolness and white oak's warmth, granting users an opportunity to immerse themselves in the allure of this distinctive material blend.
Material : Aluminum / White oak
Size : W13×H2cm
Origin : Korea
・Please note that since it is finished by hand, there may be fine lines on the surface.
・Avoid using steel scrubbers, cleansers, or other items that are prone to scratching.
・Keep out of reach of children.
Positiv. design begins with explorations of a material and its own pure beauty. They highlight the natural shape of the materials created with their different surroundings and distinct characteristics. The unique textures of wood holding its history inside, unpredictable shapes of stones that embrace the narratives of nature, and surface of the glass gleaming in the sunlight. With Positiv. celebrate imperfections and discover the beauty in its purest forms.