Daisies by Carla Llanos

Fine art giclee print created by Carla Llanos exclusively for The Poster Club. Her artworks bring a pleasing sense of tranquility to the adorned room through rich color palettes, abstract shapes, and vivid scenes. The motifs, inspired by simple elements of everyday life and harmonious colors, are crafted by blending traditional techniques with digital drawing methods.
Material : 265g high-quality art paper
Origin : Denmark
Gift Wrapping Service : Unavailable
・Frame is not included.
・Packed and shipped in a protective tube.
・The image used may differ from the actual size and layout.
Chilean-born artist Carla Llano evokes a sense of serenity through her meditative paintings, characterized by rich color palettes, abstract shapes, and vivid scenes. Her artwork combines traditional and digital drawing techniques, with the primary objective of imparting the same sense of joy and calm to people's lives that she experiences each time she creates a painting or print.