Green Interstellar by Anne Nowak

Art print by Anne Nowak exclusively for The Poster Club. Born and raised by the ever-changing sea surrounding the Danish island Bornholm, Anne Nowak draws inspiration from the horizon, the universe and everything in between. In The Interstellar Collection, she focuses on the contrast between the saturated and the faint. And it is in this movement between saturation and void, between contrasts that the beauty of Anne Nowak’s art emerges.
Material : 265g high-quality art paper
Origin : Denmark
Gift Wrapping Service : Unavailable
・Frame is not included.
・Packed and shipped in a protective tube.
・The image used may differ from the actual size and layout.
Anne Nowak is an artist based in Copenhagen who employs a variety of materials, including paper, mirrors, stone, and fabric, along with diverse techniques. Her aesthetics are inspired by a fascination with the outer hemisphere, resulting in magnetic works that beckon viewers on a mystical journey into micro-universes featuring suns, moons, and planets.