SABRE Bistrot Brillant Fern Green

Bistrot collection was inspired by SABRE’s favorite places: restaurants, terraces and cafés. When designing Bistrot, they wanted to faithfully capture the atmosphere while adding a modern touch: the styling is simple, the rivets are visible, while the colors and materials stand out nicely.
Dinner Knife 23.8cm
Dinner Fork 21.1cm
Soup Spoon 21.3cm
Cake Fork 15.5cm
Tea Spoon 15cm
Material : Stainless steel 18/10 and acrylique handle
Origin : France
Use : Microwave×/Dishwasher△/Oven×
・For cutlery with light-colored handles, avoid prolonged contact with foods that stain (coffee, tea, tomato sauce, etc.).
・The Bistrot collection is dishwasher safe at 45° maximum. Remember to open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle. When washing by hand, we recommend that you do not use abrasive sponges.
・If small rings appear on the knife blades, they can be easily removed with a soft cloth and/or white vinegar.
In 1993, after 7 years in the family goldsmith's business, Francis Gelb created Sabre with the support of Habitat, the famous English chain of home furnishing stores. He created a first model called "Sabre" for them and on the basis of collaboration, Francis then decided to invest in his own cutlery collection. As a symbol, he decided to name his company after this first collection which marked the beginning of a great adventure.