Sunrise by Ana Santl

Photo Art print by Ana Santl exclusively for The Poster Club. Having traveled the world, Ana captures nostalgic memories from her journeys on analog film. Compared to fast-paced digital photography, working with analog film gives moments of pause. There is a limit of exposures, that allows for only certain snapshots to be actually captured. The risk of technical imperfections becomes part of the story.
Material : 265g high-quality art paper
Origin : Denmark
Gift Wrapping Service : Unavailable
・Frame is not included.
・Packed and shipped in a protective tube.
・The image used may differ from the actual size and layout.
Bathed in nostalgic golden light, the work of Ana Santl, a globetrotter and photographer born in Slovenia, is imbued with memories. In her professional work, she primarily focuses on travel and interior photography, while her personal work centers around documenting her family's daily life on analogue film. Employing this analogue approach imparts a sense of preservation to her work, capturing authentic moments.