Umeko by Sofie Rebecca Iversen

Fine art giclee print created by Sofie Rebecca Iversen exclusively for The Poster Club. In her artworks, she employs oil pastels, often blending and layering them with pastels and the occasional colored pencil in complementary hues. This tactile medium provides a stark contrast to her daily work as a digital graphic designer, enabling her to engage with her creativity on a more physical level and freely express the emotions that stir within her.
Material : 265g high-quality art paper 
Origin : Denmark
Gift Wrapping Service : Unavailable
・Frame is not included.
・Packed and shipped in a protective tube.
・The image used may differ from the actual size and layout.
Sofie Rebecca Iversen, a Danish artist, draws inspiration from nature's constant evolution. Her art reflects the ever-changing essence of existence, blending oil pastels and colored pencils in complementary hues to create tactile, emotive pieces. This contrast with her digital graphic design work allows her to express her creative spirit freely.