2022.12.22. SAIL

About SAIL
SAIL was born with the aim of creating a product that allows you to self-care your body and mind according to your condition. Carefully selected natural, high-quality materials and specially designed fragrances always lead you to a comfortable state.


item : Ultimate Oil Serum
Excellent anti-aging care that contains a luxurious blend of Marula oil and Rosehip oils. The rich texture that can only be obtained from high-quality natural oils protects the skin from stresses and dry, leading to refined skin and allowing you to enjoy its enchanting scent.


item : Hand Cream 50g
Soft texture with scent of bergamot and patchouli keeps your hand moisturized. You can use it alone, or mix it with Versatile Self Oil 16ml according to your mood and enjoy it as your own special hand cream.


item : Versatile Self Oil 7ml
This is a multi-functional self-care styling oil that can be used for nails, hands, hair. Thoroughly pay attention to the quality of each essential oil, and four types of scents are designed to have a deep scent that will make you want to smell again. The 7ml size is easy to enjoy while traveling.


item : Versatile Self Oil 16ml
16ml size, which is recommended for those who want to enjoy plenty, can be used alone as a refreshment item for a busy day. Apply it before bed or during relaxing time, or mixed with body cream or hand cream for a pleasant scent.

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