2023.10.06. FABRIK POTTERY

Introducing our latest arrival – the cup and saucer from FABRIK POTTERY, meticulously reproduced by the renowned vintage shop 'wavelet' in Seoul, South Korea. Just in time for the crisp autumn nights as temperatures begin to drop, these exquisite pieces have now graced our collection. Picture yourself enjoying a leisurely evening with a warm beverage in hand, accompanied by the charm of your new mug. Why not make this autumn season extra special?

FABRIK POTTERY is a pottery brand founded by Jim McBride, who hails from Seattle, USA, in the 1970s. It thrived primarily in Seattle during a decade marked by industrial diversification. However, it faced financial challenges and had to close its factory in the 1980s, bringing an end to the brand. FABRIK POTTERY was known for its thick pottery created using the casting technique, and it enjoyed significant popularity at the time, with many households having complete sets. Even after 40 years have passed, its robust design continues to harmonize with modern lifestyles and maintains popularity as a vintage item.

Plain The Plain Collection is characterized by its signature color palette. The distinctive combination of warm off-white with black iron powder not only adds a unique touch but also elegantly accentuates the collection's substantial and voluptuous silhouette, all while maintaining a perfectly balanced presence.

Color Block Line The Color Block Line Collection is distinguished by its bright and contemporary reinterpretation of the deep, vintage-specific color palette. While faithfully reproducing the models of that era, the handle design has been improved for practicality, ensuring a comfortable grip, all while maintaining the thickness.

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