2023.05.05. Grace of Glaze

Introducing the beautiful porcelain tableware collection from Grace of Glaze in the Netherlands. These dishes have a stunning and bright color scheme that stimulates the imagination, making us wonder what kind of cuisine we should serve on them. We offer a variety of small-sized dishes that are easy to incorporate into your daily meals. Please take a look and find your favorite piece.


About Grace of Glaze
Simone Doesburg, the owner of Grace of Glaze has been searching for ways to express the vague ideas in her mind for many years. While attending the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, she experimented with various materials, including textiles, metals, and digital media, in order to find her ideal medium of expression. Eventually, she discovered porcelain, which offers a diverse range of changes and expressions depending on the manufacturing process and each step involved. Immersed in this diversity, Simone completed an internship at Royal Tichelaar, an established pottery company, before opening her own studio.

150ml Cup

item : 150ml Cup
The surprisingly thin and lightweight cup is small enough to be held in one hand, even by those with small hands. Personally, when I feel stuck during my desk work during the day, taking a moment to prepare a drink can surprisingly help me refresh my mood. These cups are perfect for a quick break, so why not try filling them with your favorite tea or beverage to relieve your fatigue.

Tiny Plate

item : Tiny Plate
The plates, which look beautiful simply arranged on the table, have a glossy surface like that of water, adding a touch of elegance to any meal. With a size of 11 cm, they are perfect not only as plates but also as serving dishes. Please try combining them in different colors to create your own unique arrangement.

Small Bowl

Small Bowl
The bowl features a beautiful contrast between the matte texture on the outside and the glossy finish on the inside. It is perfect for everyday dishes like granola, cereal, or even pot-au-feu with larger ingredients. The unique design of the bowl will inspire you to put a little extra effort into preparing your meals.

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